Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Lame-Ass Blog Post

Mick's List
I have a list as long as your arm of things I need to do today...

Why can't I get motivated?

Mick's Whirling Mind

I need to get back to writing "March Storm" and would like to have a cover ready before I finish the book but the cover doesn't seem to be coming together for me as well as I'd like and that's certainly not the fault of anyone but me because I know I've been all over the road... I'm sort of all twisted up about it too. Know what I mean?

Bat-Shit Crazy People
There are interviews to give and to be written (I know many great authors and other interesting people and want to introduce them to you...) and I have emails to answer and generate and I started an article several days ago about The Comstock Laws (the true story about the man who decided to conduct a sexual purity campaign in America) that I need to finish because I already promised it to the editor of another blog. It's a great article and very timely because a bat-shit crazy group of people calling themselves "Personhood USA" are now warring on our reproductive rights. Who the hell are these people?

And my beloved "January Moon" needs some attention; I need to get back on schedule with its promotion...which reminds me I have a date tomorrow with some lovely people in a book club who've invited me to visit and discuss "January Moon." I'm thrilled about that and think it will be a lot of fun but I need to call and get directions again.
I had a directions here somewhere... I can't find a damn thing on my desk.

Did I mention I need to get my hair done and also find a card for 50th Wedding Anniversary this Friday? 

Oh yeah, and we have dear friends coming to visit next week and more dear friends are planning a get together for all of us to get together... and I have a few things I need to do to get ready and I'm also trying to put together another get together with old friends from grade school & high school....and wow, why are these things either feast or famine? Four Hundred Years of Loneliness and all at once it's Party Time! Isn't that always how it goes?  Especially in June?

And then there's the none-too small matter that I also need to get a plumber about a wee leak under the sink and find the time to pull some weeds and kill some dust bunnies lurking in dark shadows thoughout the house.

Mick's Monstrous Weeds

And this NO laughing matter... one of them attacked the dog last night. The damn thing jumped up off the lawn and wrapped itself around Shadow's tail and almost dragged him into the netherworld (true story).

But we're not half as worried about the Killer Weeds as we are about the Monster Dust Bunnies.... We had four cats and now we're down to three.  Worrisome, very worrisome...
Mick's Monstrous Dust Bunnies

I want to do a blog tour and don't even know what the hell that is (do I need to pack walking shoes?) and I think we're growing a new form of penicillin in the crisper in the 'fridge and it just dawned on me I think I need to give the dog his heartworm prevention meds today and let's see... what else?

This is the 7th and I don't think I've paid all the bills yet... God, I'm a mess.

 And Twitter. What the hell is that really all about? I was going to experiment with it but forgot why or how and I know I need to go to my website and study some stats and share an idea I have with my web team... and I'm wondering why we didn't hear from Shaun over the weekend. We'd better give him a call... among other things, we need to start discussing our trip to visit him up in Maine this summer. Hmmm... his father better get on the ball with our travel plans.

Have I ever told you how much I love Maine?

Here's a delightful family picture of me having fun in Maine last summer. 

OOOPS, wrong picture... OK, here's the picture of me having fun in Maine last summer. 

(Woke you up with that one, didn't I?)

OK, so that's how I MIGHT have looked to you if you were really drunk and really lonely back when I was 21 and lived in Ft. Lauderdale.

And here's how I REALLY looked -- half-geezed after a day at the beach -- relaxing at a lovely restaurant near the ocean when I was in Maine last summer.

Doncha' think Ursula and I could be twins? 

Well, it's now 1:30 in the afternoon and I've successfully persuaded myself I've just worked pretty damn hard writing this post even if it is hands-down the most lame-ass thing I've ever written in my entire life... and you know, there's no time to do a rewrite because there's a hammock in the yard calling my name and I see Al has his eye on it too and I need to wrap this up and beat him out to the yard.

But I'll make myself feel quite responsible because I'll take my work with me, right out to the hammock. Here's my plan: because so many people say I write like Michael Connolly I finally downloaded "The Lincoln Lawyer" to my Kindle but haven't been able to snatch it away from Al... he's been really engrossed in it and told me over coffee this morning, "Yeah, it's true. You and Connolly write a lot alike." I really need to see if this is true. What better excuse to bump Al from both his claims to the hammock and the Kindle?

"Honey, I have work to do..."

Of course, now that you've read this post there's no chance in hell you're buying the idea that I write anything like Connolly but, trust me, that's what's being said.

Do I think it's true?

I have no idea... that's why I need to grab the Kindle, hit the hammock, and put everything else on hold.

An indulgence? No way!

It's called "research" my friends! 

You understand, right?

Of course you do!

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