Friday, April 20, 2012

Note to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops

I posted this at the website of the Catholic Bishops, offering my services: (now the ball's in their court)

"I'm a historian (modern Europe & U.S.) with in-depth training in fascism, Holocaust studies, and communism and so I am offering my services as an educator in those areas (pro bono) to the Catholic Bishops because they have repeatedly demonstrated a colossal and breathtaking ignorance about the Church's persecution under both Hitler and Stalin.

The repeated comparison of President Obama to two of the most heinous dictators in modern history demonstrates either profound stupidity or craven disregard for responsible honest speech. If these idiotic comparisons are the result of legitimate ignorance, which is hard to believe when dealing with allegedly well educated people, then we can correct that ignorance by a course in historical truth. I am willing to work with the Bishops to that end. However, if the Bishops do not accept this offer to educate themselves and persist in making ludicrous comparisons then I will be forced to conclude that they have deliberately chosen to speak falsely and irresponsibly without any regard for the consequences of such sins.

I've conducted many educational seminars on The Holocaust and will gladly put one together specifically for the Catholic Bishops any time. Just let me know when and where. Thank you."

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