Friday, January 27, 2012

Help! I think Gozer or Zhule have taken over my blog!

Damnit; I don't know how this happens but it's happened many times before and I absolutely now know that it's not any mistake on my part...

Eblogger releases (publishes) articles I've clearly saved as drafts. It did it this morning. I have a draft titled "Fly Me Over the Moon" that I was really toying around with and then I had other ideas and decided to keep it as a draft and I started another article titled "Maine, Rain and..." etc. The "Maine, Rain" article is the one I published.

It's easy: there is a HUGE orange button I can click on & Whammo! Published. It is not something one easily hits or stumbles upon in the process of writing. "Save" is next to it and easily identified. If I have ever made this mistake once -- drunk, comatose or besotted -- I know I haven't done so repeatedly.

I tend to induge myself in Total Sobriety when I write... for me it works better (which I know has not always been the tradition of great writers...).

Anyway, people who subscribe to my blog and have it delivered to "their door" via email received both my the draft I worked on today and the one I published. When I look at my list of articles I clearly see that the draft is STILL MARKED AS A DRAFT and doesn't show me anywhere that it's been published. But it has been published...


I've been thinking I need to redo this entire blog but don't know what blog platform to use. Honestly, I don't like Word Press. I work in Word Press already; I co-publish an ezine with Bill Pratt, in which I am also the Editor and it's in Word Press. Here it is (if you like political commentary pls check it out, OK? ----> Tides & Currents). 

I have two venues because I want to segregate my political commentary from my fiction (OK: I admit that if I was writing for FOX News there would be NO distinction between fact and fiction but I'm not, will not, and that's the end of it...).

SO: I ask ALL of YOU out there in blogsville --- what's your favorite blog platform and have you ever had this same problem with Eblogger effen up & releasing your drafts? About several months ago it started republishing old articles... I couldn't believe it: all of a sudden I was receiving them in my email.

Do I just have a Blog Poltergeist here or what???

Any suggestions?
And where the hell's Bill Murray when you need him? 

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