Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thoughts on a Windy Sunday

Man, we're having one damn strange spring here in Kankakee County. Today it's rainy & cold and very, very windy. Being a native Chicagoan I know wind and believe me what's happening outside my window right now is major wind.

I have a majestic white pine tree in the backyard and its enormous and very beautiful upswept branches are swaying back and forth like palm tree fronds in a Florida storm.

Well, I'd rather have flying pine cones than flying coconuts. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale many years ago and those damn coconuts can fly through the air like cannonballs; I know: I've seen it.

Yep; I'll take the pine cones.

I'm going to my first book signing event today at our local Barnes & Noble in Bradley, IL. The store is hosting the event to honor local area authors and I understand there will be at least six of us in attendance. I'm looking forward to meeting other area authors. Since I'm a transplant to the area and haven't been here for very long I'm still learning a lot about the area and its local talent. I think this will be a great opportunity for me to hang with some other writers. Very cool.

Many people have already contacted to me to tell me they'll be there. My local fan base is growing quickly, which I appreciate very much. I continue to receive enormously flattering feedback about January Moon. Last night I saw people from all over the country jump into a thread of mine on Facebook and tell me they loved January Moon and then there were a few others who said they were reading it (and so far loved it) and a few others who were going to begin reading it this weekend. Most of these folks were reading January Moon (or had done so, or were going to) on their Kindle. No one said they had the Nook (sorry B&N!). One lady said she read January Moon as a print book and another said she was was reading it on her iPad.

My e-book sales are much greater than my print sales. Interesting to track.

Well, anyway, if you're in the area please join us at Barnes & Noble today between 1 and 3 PM and if you can't join us then my wish for you is that whatever you're getting into today that it will be exactly what you are meant to do... may God place you where She knows you're needed most, whether for yourself or others.

On that note, here's my thought for an incredibly windy day:

Don't ever let the wind blow you too far away from those you love... literally or figuratively!

Peace; ~mick


  1. Your comment about the flying coconuts made me chuckle. Years ago I was staying at a little condo complex outside or Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. There was a beautiful swimming pool in the courtyard but on windy days swimming was hazardous because the pool was surrounded by grapefruit trees and you never knew when you were going to get clonked by falling grapefruit. Every morning the groundskeepers had to scoop the fallen grapefruits out of the pool. The water smelled really good, though....

    Good luck at the book signing.

  2. Did that post show up? This thing is weird today...