Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ryne Pearson Douglas and My Garden

Boy, that's a headline with a hook, huh?

Don't worry: there really is a nexus between my garden and Ryne (an no, it's not Mr. Potato Head).

Listen up & I'll explain:

As I've written here before, this blog is an evolving, living, breathing... thing... or something like that... and I've been wondering whether this blog should be impetuous, spontaneous, unpredictable or scheduled, reliable, consistent...

Think I'll go with the former and not the latter... I've already "been there, done that" with the first choice (35+ years in the world of "traditional work" in fact) and now I just want to go with the flow... especially here.

I mean -- what the hell -- it's a blog, people! This ain't NEWSWEEK.

And what I feel like doing today is gardening... both outside and inside the house and not writing new copy for this blog.

Therefore, I'm going to help my better-half finish putting in the vegetable garden (and then hopefully in about 3-4 mos we'll have bushels of fresh veggies) and after I've changed my thought process with an hour or so in the fresh hair and warm sun I'm going to return to my desk and do some serious weeding and pruning in March Storm

March Storm's opening is a winner (I know it's a slam dunk; I really do -- you know what I mean: you know when you've really nailed it) but the middle is weak and needs to be turned over, rototilled, and reseeded...

So, while I do all this really serious gardening (it is very serious, it really is: for one thing, I have people waiting for the sequel to January Moon and, for another, we're already dreaming about my homemade bruscetta and ratatouille), I'm going to offer up something interesting to read: my interview of Ryne Douglas Pearson. It was published at the Self-Published Authors' Lounge January 7th, 2011 but I think it bears reposting.

Of course, Ryne's a very talented author and screenwriter but what I'm most drawn to him about is probably the fact that he's gone indie and that's something I wanted to address in the interview.

But let me add some background about how the interview came to be:

A friend recommended a murder mystery about a priest; she said she thought I'd like the book. (Note: when people think you're Catholic they love to recommend books about priests). So, on her word, I dowloaded Confessions on my Kindle and WOW -- I loved it.

I loved it so much I decided to write a review (I don't like writing reviews; in my whole life I've probably written five so this speaks volumes about what I thought of the book).  

Then, to my utter astonishment, almost immediately after I posted the review I received an email from Ryne thanking me most graciously for my review.

One thing led to another and later on I asked Ryne if I could interview him for posting in the Self-Published Authors' Lounge and the rest is history.

I doubt Ryne will mind if I repost the interview here so I can go do some gardening...

See, there is a tie-in between my gardening and Ryne... well, sort of... (please, cut me some slack here, OK?) 

Coming up next... Ryne.

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