Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Apologies & So Much More

It's come to my attention that many of my friends who "follow" this blog have the blog posts sent to their email. Curiously, I'm not sure who they are unless they contact me via email or post a comment here because sometime last week my "Followers" (the widget where someone can see who "Follows" me and then opt in)  became corrupted and now all of the nice faces or gravatars that appeared on the blog have gone "POOF!" and are no longer displayed.

In their place is a large gaping blank space and try as I might I can't seem to solve the problem.

Of course, blog servers like EBlogger and WordPress operate in an alternate reality from the rest of us. It is impossible to speak to a human geek and so I've been forced to crawl through the mud of a quarter million "Help" forums to ferret out one that might provide some help. I've found many but most are now closed (yeah: closed) -- in other words, taking no more questions and dispensing no more help... or hope. I found one forum that was still open for business and emailed my problem... and that was last Wednesday.

The Drackmoid Geeks whom I believe control such things (yes, there is a planet known as Drackmoidia) might take a very long time to respond. When it comes to responding to a problem, they operate with all the speed of the snail mail they so thoroughly detest. They're nasty little SOB's but they control all the blog servers in the universe so there's not much I can do about it.
In fact, here's the ugly little bastard in charge of all blogs coming out of Chicago. You tell me how helpful you think he's gonna' be... yeah, right.

Of course, there are no long distance phone plans between Illinois, USA, Planet Earth and Drackmoidia, in the 5th galaxy beyond Andromeda, so they can't call me and if they did it probably wouldn't solve the problem because despite my fluency in 215 languages I have no competency in Drackgeekolese... to my ever personal mortification. But I never said I was perfect.

So, anyway, the bottom line is that I have no idea when you'll see the "Follow this Blog" widget appear again but one of my dear friends and fellow blogger, Kathleen Valentine, has told me that this same problem has happened on her blog and the widget reappeared as readily as it disappeared.

Interesting. I guess we need to take a wait & see attitude. BTW: ---> this is beautiful Kathleen. She writes books and knits shawls by the seashore and cooks comforting foods to nurture and heal.

This all said, I now apologize to anyone who's felt inundated with a plethora of emailed blog notices. I didn't realize that some people received my blog posts delivered to their email. Don't ask me how the hell I didn't know this (you'd be surprised the things that have eluded my notice over the years) but honestly I had no idea. Truthfully, I guess I just never thought about it.

I've developed a very bad habit which is that as I'm drafting an article for this blog I tend to "publish" it in order to look at it and proof it (because sometimes, among my other techno problems, "Preview" doesn't work). Well, I bet I was in & out of my last several posts more than a dozen times -- "publishing" over and over again... consequently generating a constant stream of posts to email.

Therefore, you may have felt spammed and I apologize. I'm sure it was very annoying and I'm so sorry; I promise to not build my posts that way again! I want to thank my other dear friend, Nicole Daines Gibeaut, who brought this to my attention. Thank God she did! She also promised to send me some vibes to relax me and comfort me.

<----And this is beautiful Nicole! She writes books and paints beautiful pictures at a different sea shore... and she's also an ordained minister and spiritual healer and, like Kathleen, mentors and comforts me much.
I'm somewhere in the middle, right about here ---->
(No one knows what the hell I do and most of the time neither do I.)

Blogging is a new adventure for me and a very different style of writing than what I've been trained to do but I like it, it's fun, and I'm learning a great deal about my ability to write in a variety of ways. It's been a definite growth experience for me. The tekky Drackgeekie part, however, is... uh.... well, OK, I'll just say it: a total pain in the ass.

But with friends like all of you I know somehow we'll get through it together and even have a few damn good laughs. And one of those friends, Cindy Newlin O'Connor, who's one of my oldest friends, wrote me the most remarkable letter of support and friendship last night... she wrote to tell me how much she loves my blogging and watching me "blossom" as the writer she knows I was always meant to be... Cindy is a creative loving force of nature with many talents, including photography. Her moonscape is on the cover of "January Moon."

Whatever you choose to do over this long Memorial Day weekend I sincerely hope you remain safe, enjoy, and maybe even take a little time out to remember who and what this national holiday is all about. Such things are indeed important. This really is a holiday to pause and give thanks. It's one thing to thank God for a turkey but totally another to thank Her for those brave souls who have died in the service of this country. We thank them by remembering.

And Del Carter and Fred Wiley said that since the last two posts have been about them and the music they love that I should mention also that the real music that belongs to Memorial Day is "Taps."

Del, Wiley and I are working on an article now about Memorial Day (up tomorrow) but in the meantime here's a wonderful YouTube video; just click on the link:   Arlington National Cemetery (Amazing Grace & TAPS)

And you're not giong to believe it but just as I was going to publish this blog I saw that my Followers widget is back!! Did the Drackmoid Geeks solve the problem or did the widget just reappear as Kathleen predicted? Or was it the vibes Nicole sent my way? Cindy mentioned she keeps me in her prayers; did they help?

Maybe it was a small gift after I listened to my favorite song in the world, "Amazing Grace," and meditated on my many blessings and how totally trivial my problems truly are, and then whispered a little prayer for the men and women in service today... maybe that's why I was given a small gift. Maybe it's all of it; everything combined.

Of course, I don't deserve the gift; complaining about a blog is trivial in extremis -- preposterous, ridiculous, idiotic.

But you know what? It's all how you look at it and I'll take this little blog miracle graciously because I've learned that anything that keeps us grateful and humbled is a very good thing and can be the Perfect Instant Attitude Adjuster.

Everything can be a lesson, most especially one's own craven foolishness.

Peace; ~mick


  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Have been having major problems myself and so I totally sympathize. Must be something to do with the weather. At least you've been able to maintain your delightful sense of humor whereas mine went out the window about a week ago.

    But I do have a little tip. Very early on in my relatively new blogging career there was a huge discussion about some people signing on to follow who may or may not have left a few unwanted presents. We seemed to have attracted most of the same folks, interestingly enough, and blocked them from following us. I just took the app off altogether; have no patience for this kind of crap.

    Your friend Cindy is absolutely right. Lucky for you to have such grand support and I concur with her entirely. You have a beautiful blog and as I think I've already mentioned, your writing is superb - unique and refreshing. Keep it up.

  2. Tried leaving a comment but must have hit the wrong button, something I often do with these pop-up word verification thing-a-ma-jigs. Anyway, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when reading this, having had my own frustrations with Blogger for the last week or so. Frustrating, and as you imply, online help is useless, to say nothing of being time consuming.

    Some time ago a couple of my blogging buds realized that some weirdos were following a bunch of us. We deleted them and I took off the follow app. Am in the process of getting rid of it altogether - if I can figure out how to do it. Am not the most technologically advanced soul on the planet.

    Anyway, your friend Cindy has you pegged. You are a delightful writer, refreshing and unique. Keep it up.

  3. Thank you Leslie! I appreciate your kind words. Thnx for the idea to quash the follower widget entirely; I'll think about it. The reason you didn't immediately see the Comment post is b/c I moderate them. I might change that b/c it seems to cause some confusion. This whole blogging thing has been an interesting experience. I've only had this blog up & running since January and then posted very sporadically. I'm learning.... :)